A tea with… Nat from The Soak Society

26 May 18

Nat, the humble genius behind Soak Society once had an idea of making baths cool again- and boy, has she nailed it! We had a tea with Nat to discuss how Soak Society came about, and how she prevents burnout. So, without further ado…


Tell me how the Soak Society concept came about?

I had just returned from living in Guadalajara and was finishing my last semester of uni. I was working in a cafe in Brisbane and took to making my own bath salt blends at home to use after long shifts in the cafe where my legs would be so sore. I realised I couldn’t find a brand that was similar to what I wanted to create – high quality all natural bath products at a mid-range price point and that looked chic next to the bathtub. I launched with one product and grew the brand slowly, taking my time to develop new soaks and now the Bath Dew an all natural bubble bath.


What are the three non-negotiables in your morning routine?

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. Just joking! (kind of ). I would say; A decent sized breakfast of porridge or toast with toppings, a good podcast, and coffee!

What do you to keep a good work/life balance? 

I tend to want to work all the time, so I need to be really mindful of having lots of rest and fun time. I try to include some activities into every day that don’t feel like work, things like walking on the beach with my dog and partner, going to yoga or pilates, coffees with friends, and then as an introvert, I need to maintain balance by having lots of me-time. For me, that means long baths while watching Netflix, or reading a book alone for a few hours.

What’s on your bedside table right now?

Lavender Essential oil, the book ‘Ikigai’ by Ken Mogi, The Great State multipurpose balm, and at nighttimes there is usually a mug of tea and some chocolate!

What’s your favourite Mayde Tea blend?

At the moment, I’m loving the new Assembly Label Coastal Blend! I really love bitter foods and drinks so I like the addition of lime and lemon in it, it’s so refreshing.


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