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Gut-healing lactation gummies recipe

11 November 19

It only takes two

I made these (2 ingredient) gummies when I wanted to increase the gut-healing nutrients in my diet to improve post-partum recovery, as well as support the digestive system of my bub. I made them with organic grass-fed gelatin and our nursing tea blend to improve milk production and support both of our digestive & nervous systems further.


Gelatin is a complete protein, which means it is made up of all of amino acids, including those necessary for tissue building and repair. This makes it perfect for healing the body after birth, and nourishing the gut lining for bub, as it adapts to using its digestive system for the first time, and is introduced to the different foods through breastmilk.

Nursing Tea

The nursing tea blend is a naturopathically formulated breastfeeding tea created to support healthy lactation. A refreshing and warming treat free from caffeine, Nursing settles and nourishes the digestive system of both mother and baby with lemongrass, fennel and fenugreek.

The combination of these highly therapeutic ingredients is a nutrient-filled, gut healing delicious jelly treat.


250ml nursing tea

2 tablespoons of gelatin powder. (I used the Nutra Organics grass fed beef gelatine.)


Add 2 TBSP gelatin to 1/2 cup of water and stir. Add 250ml of brewed nursing tea  and stir. Pour into moulds and set for at least 2 hours.

About Kate Dalton, Naturopath & Founder of Mayde Tea

After embracing tea on her own health journey, naturopath Kate Dalton now shares her passion for plant-based healing and natural living through our Mayde Tea collection.

Kate Dalton is a fully qualified Naturopath and mum of one. She is committed to empowering clients, and is passionate about providing the education and support to help them to improve their quality of life and enhance overall wellbeing.

Learn more about Kate here.

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