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Immune support series part 3 – lifestyle rituals

27 March 20

The following basic lifestyle changes and rituals can support the nervous system to lower anxiety, improve sleep quality and in turn- support the immune system. With love, from our in house naturopath Kate Dalton.


Avoid dietary stimulants –

Remove things like coffee from your diet and replace with a naturally caffeine-free herbal tea, as this will help to promote a stable mood. Eat a nutrient dense breakfast before 9am, as this helps to normalise our cortisol levels. Eat intuitively- this means, regular meals, and when you are hungry.

Exercise –

Exercise has been found in numerous studies to improve brain function including promoting a stable mood. Aim for 30 minutes daily.

Prioritise sleep –

It’s true that sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health! Refrain from doing high intensity exercise within one hour of bed time. Turn off all devices such as phones and laptops at least 30 minutes before hopping into bed. Dim the lights and make a ritual of having a calming tea at as your wind-down routine.

Meditate –

Practice deep breathing and meditation twice a day, or when needed during times of stress.

Sun exposure –

Aim for 30 minutes of sunlight in the early morning to increase vitamin D. Low vitamin D status has been shown to disrupt brain function including altering mood.

Time out –

Schedule in time out for you, every single day. Take this time to walk in nature, take a bath, snuggle on the couch with a calming tea and good book- anything that helps to keep you relaxed, mindful and grounded.

Lifestyle & Rituals with Kate Dalton

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