Hibisuc Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea Gummies

Hibiscus Lemon Myrtle gut healing gummies

16 March 21

This beautiful recipe was recently shared with us by @messy_delish using our Hibiscus Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea. The recipe has been adapted from @boobtofood Gelatin Gummies recipe. The tea is high in antioxidants and alkalising; and using an organic grass fed gelatin is a great gut healing product that reduces inflammation and heals the length of the digestive system.

1 1/2 cups brewed Hibiscus Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea
4 TBSP quality grass-fed gelatin (@messy_delish recommends nutraorganics)
2 TBSP Raw Honey or Maple Syrup

1. Brew 1 1/2 cups Hibiscus Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea and leave in the fridge until cooled.

2. Pour strained tea to a saucepan and add 4 TBSP of gelatin to the liquid (do not turn on the heat yet) leave for a few minutes until the gelatin blooms.

3. Turn the heat on low and stir until  gelatin is dissolved, it should take a few minutes.

4. Add your sweetener of choice.

5. Let the liquid cool slightly before pouring into silicon moulds. Silicon ice block moulds are perfect for this !

6. Put in the fridge to set, it takes around 2 hours. Remove from moulds and store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Thank you @messy_delish for sharing this recipe with us!

We can’t wait to see your Gummie creations ~ make sure you tag us @maydetea so we can see!

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