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Digestive health

Everyone’s talking about it (well, at least I am-a lot!) Gut health.   Symptoms when our digestive system isn’t running optimally: bloating / flatulence / cramping / intolerances / fatigue / alterations to bowel movements Why is good gut health so important? 1- It’s where 70% our immune system lives! So, if the lining of the digestive system is damaged, chances … Continue reading “Digestive health”

soak society bath soak

Sleep Hygiene

Why is sleep so important, and more importantly- how can we reset our sleep cycle? By our resident naturopath- Kate Dalton. Improve productivity and concentration, stabilise blood-sugar, improve your mood and strengthen your immune system just by making sleep a priority. We have 2 hormones that predominantly control our sleep/wake cycle- Melatonin (sleep) and Seretonin (wake), … Continue reading “Sleep Hygiene”


Caring for Your Winter Skin

We may be past the midpoint of winter, but there’s still plenty of cold weather to come. Our skin is an indicator of how our whole body is coping through the harsher months, supporting your skin through diet, lifestyle and your skincare regime can help to improve it’s condition and find that natural winter glow. … Continue reading “Caring for Your Winter Skin”


Tea time with Auguste The Label, and Mayde Tea founder Kate Dalton

Tell us about Mayde Tea. What inspired you to start the business? Mayde Tea was born almost 5 years ago when I was 23, somewhere amongst a double university degree and a full-time café job! What a whirlwind that was! While I was learning about herbal medicine at uni, I was creating herbal blends for … Continue reading “Tea time with Auguste The Label, and Mayde Tea founder Kate Dalton”


Which tea is for me: a naturopath’s opinion, as featured on Spell & the Gypsy Collective

I’ll begin by letting you know how selling tea became my full-time gig. It all came about when I was studying naturopathy, and forever searching for ways to improve my health and rid myself from what seemed to be about 100 different symptoms I was experiencing daily! I always suffered digestive issues, anxiety, depression and … Continue reading “Which tea is for me: a naturopath’s opinion, as featured on Spell & the Gypsy Collective”


Mental health + inflammation // the connection.

Mental health is a common problem all around the world. Anxiety and depression are amongst the most common mental health problems. So, what can we do to prevent, as well as lessen the severity of these conditions?   A few statistics to begin..   It is estimated that 45% of people will experience at least … Continue reading “Mental health + inflammation // the connection.”


Improve Your Digestive Health- By Kate Dalton // featured on Food Matters.

Nobody likes that bloated feeling! Usually occurring at the worst timing for you, bloating can be caused by common triggers such as stress, food sensitivities, and a lack of digestive enzymes, among other things. The good news is that there are plenty of steps we can be doing each and every day to help reduce … Continue reading “Improve Your Digestive Health- By Kate Dalton // featured on Food Matters.”


Liver cleansing.. It’s all the hype!

We all either A] have participated in some sort of ‘detox’ or B] know someone who has. Something I’m not a huge fan of is some of the harsh detoxing that is advocated as being healthy and beneficial to health. I get asked my opinion on things like 10 day water fasts and other severe … Continue reading “Liver cleansing.. It’s all the hype!”


Acidity Vs Alkalinity

Alkaline Vs acidic. What it all means and what you can do to improve your wellbeing in terms of alkalinity. Our endless desire to eradicate disease, increase longevity and improve overall wellbeing has given rise to a plethora of fad diets and food crazes that aren’t necessarily derived from scientific research. The acid-alkaline diet however … Continue reading “Acidity Vs Alkalinity”


Interview with the lovely Nadia Felsch

One of my favourite, most inspiring souls I’ve followed for quite some time now is Nadia Felsch. She is literally juggling two (incredibly successful) businesses amongst studying a bachelor of health science and taking care of her two new fur children- super woman! Her instagram makes me drool daily with images of healthy, delicious morsels, … Continue reading “Interview with the lovely Nadia Felsch”



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