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Mayde Tea / Journal

How To Eat Seasonally For Spring

Our modern lifestyles have favoured the convenience of a global food supply chain and access to foods grown from all over the world all year round. Sadly, this way of eating is not the most sustainable option for our long-term health or the planet’s health and has caused us to lose touch with eating in … Continue reading “How To Eat Seasonally For Spring”


A Holistic Guide To Coping With Stress

When we are under stress, our health and wellbeing is often the first thing that gets sacrificed. Stress triggers our fight or flight response, resulting in a hormonal cascade of hormones adrenaline and cortisol. From an evolutionary perspective, this response developed as a protective mechanism that prepared us to fight or flee from life-threatening situations. … Continue reading “A Holistic Guide To Coping With Stress”


Mayde Tea during pregnancy

We’ve been getting a lot of questions around pregnancy- which herbs are safe, and most importantly why don’t we do a ‘pregnancy tea.’ This is something I often consider, but each time I do- I come back to one of the most important naturopathic principles, which is- ‘treat the whole person’ This to me, is … Continue reading “Mayde Tea during pregnancy”


Doing our part to support the organic farming industry and think consciously about the environment.

Mayde Tea as a brand goes well beyond our beautiful blends of tea. Our core values extend to the way we operate the business so we wanted to give you a deeper look into our conscious practices that make us a sustainably operated business from the farm to your teacup! Our brand works in multiple … Continue reading “Doing our part to support the organic farming industry and think consciously about the environment.”


Toasted chai spiced muesli

I love making granola at home- it is surprisingly easy, it is much more affordable than store bought, and the best part is it doesn’t come wrapped in a plastic packaging and with added preservatives or sweeteners. This beautiful recipe was created for us by our good friend @cass_amundsen. She also has a wonderful whole … Continue reading “Toasted chai spiced muesli”


Chai Spiced Banana Bread

Now that the weather has cooled down, I have been mindful of incorporating herbs and spices into my diet with warming properties. This means lots of chai, curries and soups with lots of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper and turmeric. The warming energetics of these herbs stimulate digestion, improve circulation, support stomach health and reduce inflammation. … Continue reading “Chai Spiced Banana Bread”

Hibisuc Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea Gummies

Hibiscus Lemon Myrtle gut healing gummies

This beautiful recipe was recently shared with us by @messy_delish using our Hibiscus Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea. The recipe has been adapted from @boobtofood Gelatin Gummies recipe. The tea is high in antioxidants and alkalising; and using an organic grass fed gelatin is a great gut healing product that reduces inflammation and heals the length … Continue reading “Hibiscus Lemon Myrtle gut healing gummies”

herbal tea for endometriosis - endometriosis natural treatment - mayde tea organic tea

Herbal tea for endometriosis

Endometriosis is an inflammatory condition, which can only be truly diagnosed via laparoscopy. It occurs when the womb lining, or endometrium, is found outside the womb. This tissue behaves in the same way as it does inside the womb- growing during the menstrual cycle in response to estrogen- in anticipation of an egg being fertilized … Continue reading “Herbal tea for endometriosis”

Dietary interventions for hormone balancing -Mayde Tea Cleanse and tea infuser - skin and liver cleanse tea - healthy detox tea - digestive tea - tea for digestion - spring cleanse tea - organic Nettle Leaf tea - nettle tea for liver cleansing - where to buy dandelion tea

Dietary intervention for hormone balancing

There’s never a one quick fix to balance hormones. Our body is comprised of many hormones- relating to the liver, brain, pituitary, adrenals, ovaries/testes, uterus, thyroid, stomach and pancreas. Supporting hormones goes beyond supplementation alone, and dietary and lifestyle considerations are important to maintain hormonal balance. Foods to include/increase in your diet: Certified organic produce … Continue reading “Dietary intervention for hormone balancing”

Benefits of Rooibos - Mayde Tea Rooibos Turmeric Chai - turmeric rooibos tea with chai - turmeric chai tea with rooibos - organic loose leaf tea byron bay

The Therapeutic Benefits of Rooibos Turmeric Chai by Mayde Tea

Rooibos Turmeric Chai // an anti-inflammatory tonic, high in antioxidants and minerals. The Rooibos Turmeric Chai Tea is the perfect caffeine-free Indian chai masala. With Rooibos Tea’s flavonoids adding rich antioxidant benefits as well as its proven liver tissue regeneration, the sweet and slightly nutty flavour of rooibos is the perfect accompaniment to chai. Turmeric … Continue reading “The Therapeutic Benefits of Rooibos Turmeric Chai by Mayde Tea”


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