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Herbal tea for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Herbal tea for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)   Irritable bowel syndrome is a functional bowel disorder. It may have underlying causes such as SIBO, food sensitivities or abnormalities with digestive anatomy. Treating IBS should be holistic approach and may require treatment from a naturopath or other health professional.   Herbal medicine has been found to … Continue reading “Herbal tea for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)”


Immune support series part 3 – lifestyle rituals

The following basic lifestyle changes and rituals can support the nervous system to lower anxiety, improve sleep quality and in turn- support the immune system. With love, from our in house naturopath Kate Dalton.   Avoid dietary stimulants – Remove things like coffee from your diet and replace with a naturally caffeine-free herbal tea, as … Continue reading “Immune support series part 3 – lifestyle rituals”

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Immune support series part 2 – making kombucha

~  Immunity and nervous system support series / part 02  ~ Kombucha is an ancient tonic consumed by many cultures for its health benefits and unique, fresh flavour. This nutrient-rich beverage is high in probiotics; which are important for gut health and in particular- optimal digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals. It is high … Continue reading “Immune support series part 2 – making kombucha”

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Immune support series part 1 – herbal ingredients

~  Immunity and nervous system support series / part 01  ~ We put the health of people and the planet above all else, balanced with products that taste good, look good, and make you feel good. So, how do our teas help you to invest in your health? We always use the highest quality ingredients, formulate products using … Continue reading “Immune support series part 1 – herbal ingredients”

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Holistic immune support

 A few helpful tips from Mayde Tea founder and naturopath Kate Dalton NUTRITION Protein: A diet lacking in protein has been found to disrupt the function of the immune system. Be sure to include protein-rich  foods like eggs, meat legumes and nuts at every meal.   Antioxidants:  A diet high in antioxidant-rich foods will help to support the immune … Continue reading “Holistic immune support”

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The best nut milk for your Mayde Chai ~

Mayde Tea chai + nut milks  Nut milks are not only a great dairy substitute however are fortified with minerals like vitamin D & E, zinc and selenium, which play important roles in immune system functioning. Our Mayde Tea Chais are the perfect match to almond, coconut, cashew and hazlenut milks, enhancing the rich spices of India. ______________ Hazelnut Milk + Vegan Sticky Chai  / our … Continue reading “The best nut milk for your Mayde Chai ~”

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Finding the Calm | Kate Dalton + Olli Ella

Finding the Calm An interview with our founder Kate Dalton + friends at Olli Ella, the most precious kids decor range based in Byron Bay.   Creating a good morning, day and night routine for yourself and your little one is not always an easy task. We caught up with the beautiful Kate Dalton, owner … Continue reading “Finding the Calm | Kate Dalton + Olli Ella”

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A cuppa with…

A cuppa with … Nilla from VanillaFood   – Noosa Heads, Queensland – Situated in the coastal town of Noosa Heads, Queensland – VanillaFood have been part of our wholesale family for the past few years – lucky us! Nilla and her incredible team embrace the power of food as medicine and its ability to bring … Continue reading “A cuppa with…”

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Gut-healing lactation gummies recipe

It only takes two I made these (2 ingredient) gummies when I wanted to increase the gut-healing nutrients in my diet to improve post-partum recovery, as well as support the digestive system of my bub. I made them with organic grass-fed gelatin and our nursing tea blend to improve milk production and support both of … Continue reading “Gut-healing lactation gummies recipe”

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Herbal tea in PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can present in affected people differently, and cases range from mild to severe. Treatment is holistic, and herbal tea is one of the most gentle but effective modalities in the management of PCOS.   Which types of herbs are the most effective for PCOS? The most useful herbs are those with … Continue reading “Herbal tea in PCOS”


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