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How To Eat Seasonally For Spring

Our modern lifestyles have favoured the convenience of a global food supply chain and access to foods grown from all over the world all year round. Sadly, this way of eating is not the most sustainable option for our long-term health or the planet’s health and has caused us to lose touch with eating in … Continue reading “How To Eat Seasonally For Spring”


A Holistic Guide To Coping With Stress

When we are under stress, our health and wellbeing is often the first thing that gets sacrificed. Stress triggers our fight or flight response, resulting in a hormonal cascade of hormones adrenaline and cortisol. From an evolutionary perspective, this response developed as a protective mechanism that prepared us to fight or flee from life-threatening situations. … Continue reading “A Holistic Guide To Coping With Stress”


Mayde Tea during pregnancy

We’ve been getting a lot of questions around pregnancy- which herbs are safe, and most importantly why don’t we do a ‘pregnancy tea.’ This is something I often consider, but each time I do- I come back to one of the most important naturopathic principles, which is- ‘treat the whole person’ This to me, is … Continue reading “Mayde Tea during pregnancy”


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