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Sans[ceuticals] Lucy

A tea with.. Lucy, founder of Sans[ceuticals]

It’s no doubt Sans[ceuticals] is by far my most favourite skincare brand. And that’s because it’s honestly natural. I find the word ‘natural’ to be overused in food and cosmetic labelling, and purely for marketing reasons- which is not okay! I’m a big believer in only putting on your skin what you would in your … Continue reading “A tea with.. Lucy, founder of Sans[ceuticals]”


One for the beautiful mumma’s.. Increasing your milk supply (naturally)

MY GUIDE TO INCREASING YOUR MILK SUPPLY. This isn’t a topic for everyone, so if you aren’t a breastfeeding mum, please feel free to forward this little bit of info on to one! For some mummas milk supply is a concern at the start and for others around the 3 month mark as your supply adjusts to meet your baby’s demands … Continue reading “One for the beautiful mumma’s.. Increasing your milk supply (naturally)”

Mayde tea calming tea

Digestive health- why it’s important & how to improve it.

Everyone’s talking about it (well, at least I am-a lot!) Gut health.   Symptoms when our digestive system isn’t running optimally: bloating / flatulence / cramping / intolerances / fatigue / alterations to bowel movements Why is good gut health so important? 1- It’s where 70% our immune system lives! So, if the lining of the digestive system is damaged, chances … Continue reading “Digestive health- why it’s important & how to improve it.”



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