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Mayde Tea gut healing

Gut-healing lactation gummies recipe

I made these (2 ingredient) gummies when I wanted to increase the gut-healing nutrients in my diet to improve post-partum recovery, as well as support the digestive system of my bub. I made them with organic grass-fed gelatin and our nursing tea blend- to improve milk production and support both of our digestive & nervous … Continue reading “Gut-healing lactation gummies recipe”

mayde tea cleanse PCOS herbal tea

Herbal tea in PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can present in affected people differently, and cases range from mild to severe. Treatment is holistic, and herbal tea is one of the most gentle but effective modalities in the management of PCOS.   Which types of herbs are the most effective for PCOS? The most useful herbs are those with … Continue reading “Herbal tea in PCOS”

digestive health

Focus of the month – digestive health (part two)

To continue our gut health series for August, read on for part two of my tips for good gut health. 1. Ensure adequate hydration Aiming for 2.5L of water per day can improve the health of your digestive system by improving bowel motility and preventing constipation. Dehydration can slow the transit time of your bowel … Continue reading “Focus of the month – digestive health (part two)”


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