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The Beauty Chef

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Our three recommended products for enhanced detoxification support.
Our recommended one month program for cleansing and healing the length of the digestive system, promoting healthy skin, energy and vitality. 
The most beautiful gift for a beautiful new mumma; that she will truly appreciate.
new Mumma gift set
Therapeutic tonics to support the nervous system.
the beauty chef sleep mayde tea serenity
A daily beauty powder for radiant skin and gut health. New supercharged formula.
A comprehensive super-greens supplement designed to help detox and purify your body on the inside, promoting smoother, clearer skin on the outside.
A comprehensive cookbook filled with gut-loving gluten and dairy-free recipes.
Mayde Tea The Beauty Chef Cookbook
A vegan elixir to plump the skin from within and nourish your gut.
A bio-fermented elixir to brighten the skin from within and nourish your gut.
A bio-fermented elixir to help reduce fatigue, refresh tired-looking skin, calm the appearance of a ruddy complexion, recharge your energy and nourish your gut.
A coconut-infused probiotic designed to support gut health and enhance skin radiance from the inside out.
the beauty chef hydration
A  vegan, probiotic protein and wellness powder to support metabolism, nutrition and immunity.
the beauty chef body
A delicious bio-fermented turmeric and spice blend for beauty and wellbeing, with passionflower and lemon balm for sleep.
A nourishing restorative powder designed to help repair and soothe the gut.
the beauty chef gut primer
A multi-use product designed to help heal, nourish and protect dry, rough, moisture-seeking skin.
A vegan, citrus-flavoured drinking oil to quench dry, irritated skin from within.
An exfoliant, hydrator and collagen booster all in one.
A probiotic mouth spray with superfoods and medicinal herbs to nourish skin, digestion and wellbeing

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