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Health and beauty sets

Our Mayde Tea bundled products. For holistic digestive, nervous system and detoxification support.

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'The taster collection is a great way to try different flavours.' - Melanie, Mayde Tea Customer. 'The tea is incredibly well crafted and thought out. Best herbal teas I have had. Will only be buying my tea from Mayde from now on!' - Cameron, Mayde Tea Customer. 'Love the flavours of these beautiful different teas and there’s no tea bags so no waste which is even better!' - Anonymous.  
  • Australian Native
  • Cacao Cinnamon Spice
  • Cleanse
  • and more...
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tea tasting - tea sampling - mayde tea - Mayde Tea Cleanse - mayde tea energise - mayde tea serenity - mayde tea restore - testing set - skin and liver cleanse tea - healthy detox tea - digestive tea - tea for digestion - spring cleanse tea - organic Nettle Leaf tea - nettle tea for liver cleansing - where to buy dandelion tea
Designed to support the body's digestive & nervous systems, promote skin health, and improve energy & vitality.
Mayde Tea organic tea - Winter's here- how do we best care for our skin through the cool change?
Therapeutic tonics to support the nervous system.
the beauty chef sleep mayde tea serenity
The perfect gift, a discounted bundle with essentials for the tea lover.
Mayde tea organic tea - tea infuser
Our tea and brewing set for your BnB/accommodation space.
Digestion gut health immune support tea - Mayde Tea Digest tea - tea for digestion - digestive tea - immune support tea - organic health tea -bloating tea - gut healthing tea - mayde tea infuser - single cup infuser - bnb set - bed and breakfast supplies australia
Create a morning ritual for the whole family to enjoy with  bulk serving options now available.   
english breakfast tea loose leaf tea - mayde tea English breakfast tea in recycled glass jar and retail tube - best english breakfast tea australia - organic english breakfast - eb tea
Our three recommended products for enhanced detoxification support.
Your office, home office or home relaxation Mayde Tea brewing set.
  • Australian Native
  • Cacao Cinnamon Spice
  • Cleanse
  • and more...
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mayde tea stelton tea jug - Mayde Tea Organic Chai - organic masala chai tea - what is chai tea - chai tea ingredients - best chai tea australia - loose leaf chai tea - masala chai spices - loose chai tea - brewing set
Our recommended one month program for cleansing and healing the length of the digestive system, promoting healthy skin, energy and vitality. 
gut health - gut healing teas and the beauty chef glow and gut powder - mayde tea cleanse tea - tea for digestion - tea for gut health
Our staple products for creating the perfect brew- 120 serve jar of choice, infuser and mug
  • Australian Native
  • Cacao Cinnamon Spice
  • Coastal blend
  • and more...
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Mayde Tea Natural Mug & Australian Native - tea infuser mug
The ultimate chai lover's dream!
Chai Latte powder bundle - includes mayde tea masala chai latte powder, chai cinnamon sprinkles and our Willow textured mug
The ultimate chocolate lover's dream!
organic Drinking Chocolate bundle - hot chocolate powder with a stunning mug and chocolate dust
The perfect way to travel supported with essential therapeutic organic tea blends to nourish you on your journey.
  • Australian Native
  • Digest
  • Energise
  • and more...
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Single cup loose leaf infuser - mayde tea travel pack
The complete natural hair care bundle.
sans[ceuticals] hair
The most beautiful and nourishing gift for a beautiful new mumma.
New Mumma Gift Set Botanika with organic tea

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