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A sweet, refreshing blend created to support digestion, stabilise blood sugar levels and improve circulation.
  • bulk bag / jar refill
  • 40 serves - retail tube
  • 120 serves - retail amber jar
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Hot Cinnamon Spice - hot cinnamon spice tea recipe - hot cinnamon spice tea with milk - cinnamon spice tea benefits - cacao cinamon tea - organicloose leaf tea - best organic tea australia - best loose leaf teas
High in antioxidants and minerals that improve vitality without caffeine.
  • 15 serves - retail amber jar
  • bulk bag / jar refill
  • 40 serves - retail tube
  • and more...
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mayde tea energise - energy tea - organic tea byron bay - Mayde Tea Energise tea - energy tea - energy boosting tea - lemongrass and ginger tea - lemongrass tea - caffeine free tea for energy - herbal tea for PCOS
Mayde Tea x Assembly Label // A smooth hint of citrus is balanced with mint and the slight sweetness of marshmallow leaves.
mayde tea assembly label collaboration coastal blend
All-natural organic drinking chocolate. Gluten, soy & dairy free.
mayde tea drinking chocolate - hot chocolate recipe - hot chocolate near me - hot chocolate powder - best hot chocolate
Organic, all-natural, instant chai latte powder.
Mayde Tea chai latte powder
The finishing touch for eye-catching cups of milky chai.
Mayde Tea Chai Sprinkles - chai latte cinnamon sprinkle - chai latte spice sprinkle - chai latte powder - chai latte shaker - organic chai latte sprinkle in shaker australia
Add a dash of excitement to hot chocolates, chai lattes and smoothies with this chocolatey treat.
Mayde Tea Chocolate Dust - What chocolate do you sprinkle on cappuccino? How do you make chocolate dust? Best cappuccino chocolate powder shaker - chocolate dust for coffee - chocolate dusting powder for coffee
Willow mug crafted from stoneware with a raw, undyed finish. A beautiful addition to the Mayde Tea collection, use with the Mayde Tea infuser for a perfectly steeped cup of tea every time.
Mayde Tea Natural Mug for tea infuser - textured ceramic mug - tea infuser mug
Willow mug crafted from stoneware with a raw, cinnamon tint finish.
Mayde Tea Cinnamon Mug - tea infuser mug - ceramic mug - textured mug for mayde tea australian tea
A comprehensive cookbook filled with gut-loving gluten and dairy-free recipes.
Mayde Tea The Beauty Chef Cookbook
A vegan elixir to plump the skin from within and nourish your gut.
A bio-fermented elixir to brighten the skin from within and nourish your gut.
A bio-fermented elixir to help reduce fatigue, refresh tired-looking skin, calm the appearance of a ruddy complexion, recharge your energy and nourish your gut.
A coconut-infused probiotic designed to support gut health and enhance skin radiance from the inside out.
the beauty chef hydration
Cleanses your skin without stripping or disturbing the skin’s pH, super gentle on even the most sensitive of skin.
Strengthens, repairs and protects your hair.
A selection of concentrated pastes to make fresh, homemade, creamy nut mylks.
Ulu Hye Nut Mylk

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