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BnB set

Our tea and brewing set for your BnB/accomodation space.


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Create a calm space for guests to ~ retreat, revitalise and simply be.


Mayde Tea jars are the perfect luxe addition to each kitchen or dining space, with each jar serving 120 cups of organic goodness. The Mayde Bnb set includes blends from our essential and therapeutic ranges – English Breakfast, Serenity + Sencha Jasmine & Rose.


This Bnb set also includes the stainless steel infuser + storage canister to make brewing our teas a simple and beautiful ritual for your guests. Brewed loose leaf herbs may be placed directly into the compost, unlike single use tea bags.


We would love for you to serve organic Mayde blends to each guest. For all future orders, each accomodation space is welcome to purchase wholesale priced refill pouches for these jars. Please directly email  to order. Please note – this offer only applies for customers who have purchased the Bnb set.


The details 

English Breakfast – The perfect start to the morning, our English Breakfast blend is bold, bright and smooth. The traditional blend of certified organic black tea from India contains antioxidants that are beneficial for DNA health and tannins that have a healing effect on the digestive system.


Sencha Jasmine and Rose – This energising marriage of fine green tea and botanicals is rich in antioxidants. Sencha is a smooth, sweet and delicate Japanese green tea. Together with fragrant jasmine and rose, it gives you an instant lift at any time of the day.


Serenity – Soothing lavender combines with rose, passionflower and chamomile to support the nervous and digestive systems, making this a perfect pre-slumber elixir for a restful night’s sleep.


Infuser + canister 

Our tea infuser comes with a lid for a very important purpose- and that is because when you add boiling water to a herbal tea containing volatile oils, (volatile oils are the part of the plant with the medicinal benefit) they can evaporate with the steam. We advise you take the following steps to maximise the therapeutic benefit when consuming Mayde Tea using our infuser:

  • Place the infuser in your mug of choice
  • Put one serve of tea into the infuser
  • Fill the mug up with hot water, saturating all of the tea. (Please check appropriate temperature for the tea you are using- not all should be 100 degrees!)
  • Place the lid on the infuser and let steep for the time stated on the brewing instructions
  • Take the lid off and place next to the mug upside-down. Lift out the infuser and place it into the lid to prevent dripping tea on your table.
  • Store the infuser within the canister


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