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Mayde Tea Brewing Accessories Bundle


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** Flasks are currently on backorder. Any orders containing a flask will be sent out on December 18th**

Our two beautiful brewing tools to make loose leaf tea as convenient as teabags (without the environmental or health impact!)

Bundle includes:

  • 400ml tea travel flask
  • Mayde Tea branded flask carry tube
  • 1 x Mayde Tea branded tea infuser for easy tea-brewing at home


We have had a beautiful reusable flask designed to encourage less usage of single use plastics (yes coffee cups are a single use plastic and are usually not recycled!) This flask can be used for your morning tea or coffee, soups and broths, as well as smoothies and juices. Our flask’s double-walled design will ensure the contents remains at the desired heat, literally for hours.

  • Capacity = 400ml
  • Ideal for travel. Will fit most car cup holders
  • The double-walled glass structure will keep your drink hot or cold for prolonged periods without feeling hot to touch.
  • Strainer is removable so it can also be used for smoothies, coffees, fruit-infused water or soups. This feature also allows you to manually control the strength of your Mayde Tea by removing the strainer when desired.

Flask Includes:

  • 400ml tea flask
  • Removable loose leaf tea infuser
  • Mayde Tea branded carry tube

Please handle your flask with love, as although strong, breakages of glass may occur. We recommend always using the tube carrier while traveling with your flask.

Designed for continual use, to consciously reduce consumption of single use plastics.

Stainless steel loose-leaf tea infuser

We get asked all the time about if we will ever make pre-packaged teabags. There are so many reasons why we have chosen to not offer tea bags- and that is because commercial tea bags are created using bleaches, glues, staples and other nasty things that contain chemicals that we’d rather not give you to consume with your tea! Having a teabag in boiling water is a recipe for tea yes- as well as nasty tea-bag chemicals that are just not supposed to be consumed by humans.

 Another reason is because we love the environment- and hate to imagine a compostable material trapped inside a little plastic pouch.

Our tea infuser comes with a lid for a very important purpose- and that is because when you add boiling water to a herbal tea containing volatile oils, (volatile oils are the part of the plant with the medicinal benefit) they can evaporate with the steam. We advise you take the following steps to maximise the therapeutic benefit when consuming Mayde Tea using our infuser:


  • Place the infuser in your mug of choice. We love our Next of Kin collaboration mug  pictured here.
  • Put one serve of tea into the infuser
  • Fill the mug up with boiling water, saturating all of the tea. (Please check appropriate temperature for the tea you are using- not all should be 100 degrees!)
  • Place the lid on the infuser and let steep for the time stated on the brewing instructions
  • Take the lid off and place next to the mug upside-down. Lift out the infuser and place in the lid to prevent dripping tea on your table.

Enjoy your Mayde Tea!


Because we love the environment, when making teas at Mayde Tea HQ we empty the contents either into the compost or the garden. Remember Mayde Tea is comprised of completely organic plants so it doesn’t need to go into landfill!