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Article: An Interview with Kate's Mum

An Interview with Kate's Mum

With Mother's Day on the horizon, we've had the pleasure of sitting down with someone truly special: Kate's Mum. In anticipation of this heartfelt occasion, we're excited to share her insights, anecdotes, and favourite Mayde Tea picks.

What is your favourite Mayde Tea product?
Way too many favourites to choose from! I would say the Digest tea and the Travel Flask.

What is your favourite memory of you and Kate?
When Kate and I didn’t have a special someone in our lives, we used to spend Valentine’s day together. It is also Kate’s birthday on Valentine’s Day so we used to have dinner to celebrate.

What are your non-negotiable wellness rituals?
I make sure I do some form of exercise every day- either going to the gym, walking or my newest hobby being golf. Moving my body daily is a non negotiable for me. I have learnt over the years to listen to my body and stop and smell the roses when I need to rest!

How do your wellness rituals differ now from when you were younger?
I wasn’t as fit and healthy when I was younger. My diet was much higher in complex carbohydrates, and I had a lower vegetable intake. It also lacked variety. I have become a lot more aware of healthier food options, and I became a gym instructor which has made me much more active.

What is the greatest lesson your children have taught you?
My children have taught me to value time and live in the now. This has been a hard lesson for me as I am always planning the next thing. I know I didn’t waste those moments but then seeing my children grow into teenagers, adults and now mothers, I look back and wish I had more time to have witnessed them going into the beautiful humans they are. Being a single mum, I spent a lot of that period in my life working so I did miss a lot of the special moments. Being a grandmother I now cherish every moment I spend with my daughters and grandchildren.

As Mother's Day approaches, we pause to recognise the incredible women who've influenced and guided us. We celebrating the strong, resilient mothers, grandmothers, and mother figures who've made a lasting impact on our lives.

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