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Our Story

Mayde with Purpose

At Mayde Tea, our story is steeped in a profound appreciation for the natural magic that resides in the world of plants. We've embarked on a journey to cultivate simple daily rituals that elevate your well-being, and it all begins with a passion for harnessing the incredible healing properties of botanicals.

Naturopath & Nutritionist Kate Dalton, the heart and soul behind Mayde Tea, discovered the transformative power of tea on her personal health journey. Today, she ardently shares her love for plant-based healing and the art of natural living through our exquisite Mayde Tea collection. With unwavering conviction, Kate believes that Mother Nature offers us the finest resources for safeguarding our health

Our humble beginnings trace back to a small studio nestled in the serene beauty of Byron Bay in 2013. We’ve grown into a brand embraced by over 400 of the finest cafes, restaurants, health studios, and beauty salons. The recognition we've received for our best-selling Serenity and Chai Latte blends has been a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity. And the blossoming Mayde Tea-loving community? It warms our hearts and fuels our passion.

As our tea range flourished, we enriched your brewing experience with timeless tea additions like our Stainless Steel Infuser, Iced Tea bottles, and more. Every step we take is guided by a profound purpose: to honour your health and tread gently upon the planet we call home.