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Here at Mayde Tea, we are deeply mindful of consumerism and its effects on our planet. We encourage our customers to make conscious choices when purchasing new items for themselves or their homes.

We believe in high-quality products that are multi-purpose. We want them to taste good, feel good for your body, and be aesthetically pleasing in your homes. We strive to make products that are recyclable, refillable, compostable, and/or reusable.

In the production process of our products, we avoid ingredients and methods that do not align with our values. We are motivated to honour the environmentally sustainable movement.

We have partnered with Greenfleet to offset our carbon emissions and fight the impact of climate change. A percentage of profits are donated each month which go towards planting biodiverse forests in Australia to capture carbon emissions. Our forests absorb carbon from the atmosphere, improve soil and water quality, and provide a vital habitat for native wildlife.