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At Mayde Tea, we handcraft organic and naturopath-formulated teas in small batches for general well-being and addressing common ailments. Our teas are not only delicious but also contribute positively to your health and the planet.

If you represent a store or cafe and are interested in stocking or serving our teas, latte powders, and brewing accessories, please complete the form below. Provide your details, including your URL, Instagram handle, and preferences such as selling our retail items or serving in a cafe (or both), using the checkboxes below. Additionally, include your preferred contact method, either phone or email.

Upon submitting the form, you will receive an automatic response to your email, assuring you that we will be in touch within 3 business days. In the meantime, feel free to explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here.

Some of our proud partners include