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Get to know your tea

Learn to Love Loose Leaf Tea

At Mayde we love loose leaf tea. Not only for it's superior freshness but also for the rituals and moments it inspires.

Why Drink Loose Leaf Tea?

Superior therapeutic benefits

Loose leaf tea retains more antioxidants, nutrients, and therapeutic properties due to its larger leaf size and minimal processing compared to teabags.


Loose leaf encourages a deliberate slower pace, promoting a mindful and enjoyable tea-drinking experience


Our loose-leaf tea is packaged in recyclable or compostable materials, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Enhanced Flavour Depth

Loose leaf tea's larger leaves yield a richer flavor profile, retaining more essential oils and aroma compounds, making it superior to tea bags in taste.

Sustainably sourced

Being a loose leaf tea company, we prioritise ethical and sustainable sourcing practices, supporting environmentally responsible tea production.

Better Aroma

Loose leaf tea tends to have a more pronounced aroma, as the leaves have more space to expand and release their fragrances during brewing.

New to Loose Leaf?

Frequently Asked Questions