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Article: How We Strive To Be The Most Sustainable Tea Company

How We Strive To Be The Most Sustainable Tea Company


We thought we’d let you in on some work we’re doing behind the scenes to be sustainable and look after our earth…

What is Mayde Tea doing directly to help our problem with waste?

We have a huge focus on our amount of waste as a business. We spend time contacting our suppliers to ask them not to send us any products that are in plastic. If we do receive bubble wrap or other plastic packaging, we reuse it, and then encourage the next receiver to do the same.

We limit our amount of waste as a business to that of a small household (being an established business, this is tough!). If it ever increases, our staff then workshops ways on how to have less waste as a business, recyclable or not. We compost all green and food waste, and reuse whatever packaging we can.

And the Mayde Tea packaging?

Although we want our customer’s experience to be beautiful when receiving an order from us, we don’t send out excessive packaging to add to this. After all, we believe the customer’s experience is also influenced by the amount of environmental impact they have from what they consume.

We package our tea in beautiful reusable packaging that lasts, and once empty, we recommend our jars to be used for pantry storage, as a flower vase or a water bottle.

How does Mayde Tea encourage consumers to be more environmentally conscious?

We offer a range of products on our online store to help set you up for a more sustainable life. Alongside our tea, we have reusable grocery bags, a reusable tea + coffee flask, a stainless steel loose-leaf tea infuser, natural home cleaning products, stone paper notebooks and market totes.

Are teabags really bad for the environment?

When tea originated in 2737BC, it was used as a medicinal drink. Now, a lot of other tea companies add artificial colours and flavours – which is taking it far from its purpose being to heal the body. Using a tea bag means chemicals are bound to leech into your brew.
The teabag then ends up in landfill. For a teabag to be sealed, most require a plastic lining. And plastic is, once produced, here forever – polluting our earth.

Working in Harmony With Your Body + The Environment

It’s about sustainability and practicing accountability. When purchasing from Mayde Tea, you now know that you can truly enjoy your purchase – knowing we’re always working in harmony with your body and the environment x

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