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Article: Why You Should Always Choose Organic Tea

Why You Should Always Choose Organic Tea

Do you know that feeling when you are enjoying a warm cup of your favourite herbal tea, but you are left with a bitter aftertaste? More often than not, this is due to the herbs being conventionally grown and treated with various chemicals and pesticides. But the taste isn’t the only reason you should choose organically grown versus conventionally grown herbs. Unfortunately, most larger tea companies opt for non-organic herbs as they are quicker and easier to harvest in greater quantities. The following reasons are why organic produce is a non-negotiable for us at Mayde Tea.


Organic farming has the environment and sustainability front and centre and strives to protect the environment and ecosystem that it is grown in. Unlike conventionally grown herbs, organic tea is a natural process and results in a more sustainable end-product. The use of physical weed control and animal manure can result in richer soil and salinity, meaning that organically grown herbs are often more nutrient-rich and resilient over multiple crops.

Health benefits/risks

Non-organic tea leaves tend to be air-dried without any rinsing. This leaves the dried leaves infused with synthetic chemicals and pesticides used in the farming process, which are then activated when boiling water is added to the leaves when you make your cup of tea. As you can imagine, this can completely negate the therapeutic health benefits of your chosen herb. The use of several chemicals and pesticides used in conventional farming has been linked with serious health conditions, including inflammatory bowel disease, hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases and allergic reactions.


Organic herbs are much more vibrant and richer in their flavour and texture, which means that your brew will taste better and have a more robust flavour profile. Non-organic tea leaves can not only have that bitter tang that we talked about but often the leaves are discoloured during the drying process, leading to artificial colours and dyes being used in post-production (can you believe it - green tea that is dyed green)!

So while the choice is yours, we think you’ll agree that, where possible choosing an organic tea is not only better for your tastebuds but for your body and the environment. 

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