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Article: 9 Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally


9 Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Our Immune System is an incredibly smart & intricate system that protects & strengthens our body against foreign organisms so we may live our most healthful lives every day. Our diet, lifestyle, & daily rituals play a big role in the immune system's overall function & can either help or hinder our ability to feel well & heal. Here are 9 simple ways to naturally boost your immune system so that you may continue to live your most healthful life in 2022.



1. Increasing your intake of vitamin C
Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant found in citrus fruits, berries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes & is essential in supporting the strength of cells in both our adaptive & innate immune systems.

2. Aim to soak in some vitamin D
Vitamin D receptors are found on all immune cells & play an influential role in modulating our adaptive & innate immune systems. Vitamin D deficiency has been frequently linked to increased autoimmunity & inflammation, contributing to disorders such as osteoporosis & frequent illness and infections.

3. Prioritise your intake of zinc
Zinc is found in food sources such as oysters, seafood, red meat & poultry & strengthens the function of the nonspecific branches of immunity such as Natural Killer cells which are responsible for controlling infections & the spread of disease.

4. Nurture your gut
Another key factor to mention here is gut health. A large portion of our immune system is produced within the gut. Therefore, prioritising our digestive system and gut health will directly impact the strength of our immune system. Ensure that you are consuming a range of probiotic & prebiotic-rich foods and that you are aiming to consume 20-40 different whole foods each week to support microbial diversity. Our DIGEST TEA is also an amazing aid for your immune system as it aims to reduce gastrointestinal inflammation and boost your gut health.

5. Reduce your intake of refine, processed foods
Watching your intake of refined sugars & processed foods is also a key dietary influence on our immune health. These types of foods increase levels of inflammation & stress within our body, placing unnecessary pressure on our immune system.



6. Move your body
Participating in 30 minutes of aerobic-based exercise 3-4 times per week has been shown to significantly improve cardiovascular, respiratory and lymphatic health & therefore is a powerful tool to use to boost your immune system.

7. Find joy
Finding or doing something you love to do & that brings you joy every day is an incredibly powerful stress-reduction tool. Not only does it help us connect to a sense of gratitude and peace, but it can additionally lower the impact that stress has on us daily. Thus, allowing our immune system to become strong & peaceful too.

8. Prioritise your sleep
Our bodies heal when we are asleep. Getting 8-9 hrs of restful, restorative sleep each night is essential to allow our immune system much needed time to recover & repair any damage inflicted over the previous day.

9. Utilise some handy herbal remedies 
Herbal remedies are a fantastic way to support our immune system. Different herbal actions can modulate the immune response, reduce inflammation & increase the strength of the immune system against pathogens. Our RESTORE TEA contains echinacea, lemon myrtle & marshmallow root and is incredible at soothing inflammation & clearing out infections from our bodies. Consumed daily, it can be an amazing aid for our immune system.

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