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Endometriosis is an inflammatory condition, which can only be truly diagnosed via laparoscopy.

It occurs when the womb lining, or endometrium, is found outside the womb. This tissue behaves in the same way as it does inside the womb- growing during the menstrual cycle in response to estrogen- in anticipation of an egg being fertilized and shedding as blood when there is no pregnancy. However, when it grows on the outside of the womb, it is trapped and cannot leave the body as menstruation. This often causes severe pain. Other symptoms can also arise including IBS and other digestive symptoms, migraines/headaches, and anxiety and/or depression. The lining can also stick to other organs, sometimes leading to infertility. The cause is unknown and there is no actual cure.

This treatment plan will aim to manage your endometriosis – to lessen symptoms, slow down the disease progression, and/or decrease the recurrence post-surgery.

The management of endometriosis should be a multifaceted approach – including dietary alterations, lifestyle interventions and the inclusion (of course!) of herbal tea.

Dietary: Eat a diet rich in omega 3’s, antioxidants, iron, fermented foods, anti-inflammatory foods and fibre. Exclude foods that are known to aggravate inflammatory conditions such as processed foods, sugar and deep fried foods.

Lifestyle: regular light exercise is encouraged including yoga, walking or pilates. Switch to natural cleaning products and cosmetics, as the chemicals in unnatural products can disrupt the endocrine system; exacerbating conditions that oestrogen is involved in such as endometriosis.

Herbal tea for endometriosis:

1. Herbal teas with anti-inflammatory properties such as our Energise blend or Rooibos turmeric chai.

2. Teas that support liver detoxification, such as our Cleanse blend can help to rid the body of toxins and excess hormones.

Sample herbal tea prescription for endometriosis:

On rising: 1 cup of Energise.
Lunchtime and afternoon tea: 1 cup of Cleanse.
After dinner: 1 cup of Rooibos turmeric chai. Optional: add more turmeric and ginger for extra anti-inflammatory properties.

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