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Article: Sound and Serenity: An Evening with Mayde Tea

Sound and Serenity: An Evening with Mayde Tea

On the June 22nd, 24 hours after the Winter Solstice and the Capricorn Full Moon, we at Mayde Tea were thrilled to host our first wellness event "Sound and Serenity" in Byron Bay. We transformed the beautiful space at Studio Societa into a warm and welcoming haven for the evening. Lovingly adorned with beautiful vintage Moroccan rugs from local brand Marr-Kett, the ambiance was both warm and inviting, setting the perfect tone for the night.

The night began with everyone mingling and enjoying cups of our Serenity tea. It was wonderful to see familiar faces and meet new friends, all brought together by a shared love for wellness and relaxation.

We were honoured to have Gracie from The Rituwell Club lead an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session, which helped us all get into the right headspace to unwind. Following this, we experienced a beautiful guided meditation and sound healing that left everyone feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

After this wonderful session and time for intentional reconnection with ourselves, the space evolved into a vibrant spot for connection and community as we enjoyed more tea. Our treasured attendees received bags filled with generous offerings from local brands, including a variety of wellness products that perfectly complemented the evening’s theme.

We want to extend a big thank you to Addition Studio, Loco Love, INBLUEM, Chow Cacao, Sienna, and Eye of Horus for their contributions, which added an extra touch of care and community spirit to the night.

Thank you to Gracie and The Rituwell Club for facilitating such an amazing first event! And to everyone who joined us for this special evening, we hope you left feeling as inspired and refreshed as we did.

Stay tuned for more events like this; we can't wait to bring you more opportunities to slow down and unwind with us!

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