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Article: 5 Healthy Habits for Winter


5 Healthy Habits for Winter

As the season changes and it begins to become cooler, it is important to tune into what the body needs and adjust diet and lifestyle practices to support the transition in weather. 

Below are some healthy habits to establish in the winter months:


Morning tea ritual: Start your day with a warming herbal tea to support digestion and circulation. Our herbal tea blends ‘Energise’ and ‘Digest’ have a beautiful mix of herbs to stimulate both of these body systems that can become more stagnant in the winter months.


Daily Movement: Move your body every day to stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems and support the immune system. The change of season can come with a host of colds/ flus and other infections. It is important to support blood flow and oxygenation around the body to be able to deliver clean, healthy blood to your cells to fend off infections. Consider gentle morning stretching, a morning or afternoon walk in nature or investing in a pilates or yoga class. 


Hydrate: Drink at least 1.5 - 2L of filtered water/ day to keep the body hydrated and detoxifying. There is a misconception that you do not need to be drinking as much water in the wintertime, however, It is so important to maintain hydration to continue to support body functions. We do not retain as much water in the winter which can deplete our stores quickly. Warming Herbal teas are a great way to stay consistent with water consumption in the winter. Our ‘Restore’ tea is a perfect blend of immune-boosting herbs which can further support your body whilst staying hydrated. 


Nourish: Fuel the body with warming foods to support digestion and immunity. Our food needs to be heated to a certain point in the body for us to absorb and utilise the nutrients from it. In the cooler months, cold/raw foods are even more difficult for us to digest, so look at reaching for soups, slow-cooked stews, curries and broths which are also abundant in minerals to protect our immunity. Root vegetables like potatoes, onion, garlic, radish and beetroots + herbs/ spices are beautiful additions to a nourishing winter diet. 


Vitamin D: Spend time in the sunshine to support vitamin D levels. Our vitamin D levels are lowest during the Autumn/ Winter months - this vitamin is essential for healthy hormones, moods, immunity and bones. Enjoy 15 - 20 minutes of midday sun in the wintertime, leaving some skin exposed to support healthy vitamin D absorption. Consider going for a walk to get the additional benefit of exercise during this time.

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