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Article: A cuppa with... Nicole from FENN

A cuppa with... Nicole from FENN

In celebration of the launch of our new Skin Glow tea blend, developed in collaboration with FENN, we had the pleasure of sitting down with co-founder Nicole to discuss all things beauty and wellness.

Nicole, co-founder of FENN

Can you please tell me a little bit about yourself and how you found your way into the beauty space?

I’d travelled extensively as a beauty therapist after college, having the opportunity to train and work with some of the leading people in the world. When I came back to Australia, I saw an opportunity to bring that experience in the highest quality European environments to Sydney, where it could be paired with our relaxed way of life and curiosity for luxury. 

Beyond a passion for the most beautiful treatments and products possible, I have always found great joy in building relationships with clients and colleagues, which brings a whole other level of satisfaction to my work. Clients and colleagues become close friends and even business partners, in the case of my wonderful partner in FENN, Clare. 


How do you juggle motherhood with work life? 

I am fortunate to have built a career and a business which has been adaptable to motherhood. Working alongside women who are also mothers, or may one day be mothers, I feel lucky that we can support each other to do both, work and family. In many ways, it’s a relief not to have the unsophisticated pressure of ‘bosses’ and ‘corporate bureaucracy’ which many women deal with… but on the flip side, when you own a business, there is no switching off, or taking ‘maternity leave’ so it’s more about living with the two side-by-side. Plus my kids like visiting FENN :)


What does wellness mean to you?

I used to have a clear answer for this… But as I learn and experience more, I am less sure about the answer. I think the most sensible approach for me is to first ensure the things I can control are in order. For me, that’s a tidy environment, a planned week ahead & food in the fridge. From there, a couple of little rituals around skincare, exercise & spending time with my loved ones. If all of those things have happened, I’m in a good place and perhaps have space for some spiritual and mental care - reading books, listening to podcasts to broaden my thoughts and address curiosities. Also, a fresh cup of herbal tea… love having our Skin Glow Tea by Mayde on tap! 


If you had to choose, what would be your favourite skin treatment & product at FENN?

Our Classic with an add on manicure (coming soon!) and I am currently loving Rationales number #1 The Serum

I also always have Maryse’s Treatment Balm in my bag. 


Skincare can be really confusing for people. What are a few tips for choosing the right skincare?

  • Speak with a skin care professional you trust
  • Incorporate what resonates with you and what you can realistically consistently keep up
  • Make it a ritual and not a chore 
  • Always respect your barrier/microbiome 
  • Often less really is more


I imagine you might not have time for an extensive skincare regime - what are your skincare non-negotiables?

  • SPF everyday. 
  • Cleansing of an evening. A ritual I  look forward to. Flowing through my skin care routine (or just a double cleanse and a slathering of Sans Ceuticals Super Dose Sleep Infusion mask if I'm really ready for bed)  at the end of the day it helps me take a moment to reflect and reset. 


What does self-care mean to you?

Like wellness, this concept has changed a lot for me over the past five years or so. It used to be all about my ‘capability and capacity’… Fitness, energy, skill, connectivity. Having started and grown businesses and a family, I’ve discovered that ‘self’ often comes last, and that it can be more about surviving than thriving at times. 

I think self-care starts with self-awareness. I’ve been reading about all sorts of ideas (old and new) which encourage being aware of your current state, not worrying too much about the past or the future or those things which you can’t control. That has helped me to stay aware of myself - as a mum, a wife, friend, colleague - and ensure I’m caring for myself consciously and continuously. 


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FENN skin glow tea blend surrounded by props

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