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Article: A Holistic Guide To Supporting Your Body Throughout Your Cycle


A Holistic Guide To Supporting Your Body Throughout Your Cycle


As women, our lives are based around our menstrual cycles, whether we realise it or not. Unlike men who have a 24-hour biological rhythm, women have a unique 28-day cycle with four distinct phases (or seasons):


  • Menstruation (Winter)
  • Follicular (Spring)
  • Ovulation (Summer)
  • Luteal phase (Autumn)


Each phase is governed by the ebb and flow of our hormones and different emotional and physical characteristics. This explains why our energy levels, metabolism, libido, productivity, social behaviour, and so much more fluctuate throughout the month. Understanding where you are in your cycle and how to support your body throughout each phase is a game-changer. You can better predict how you may feel and what your physical, emotional, and mental needs will be at different times of the month, and plan your work, social life, exercise regime, meals, and creative endeavours to suit your needs better. It will also allow you to honour your body and give it the rest it truly needs when you need it.


Menstruation/ Winter:

Your cycle begins from the first day of your bleed and is known as the ‘winter’ phase. During this time, our hormone levels and energy are at their lowest, and we feel a strong desire to be alone, hibernate and go inward. This could look like an empty social calendar, relaxing baths, going for walks, doing gentle yoga, reading an inspiring book, cooking your favourite nourishing meal, journaling, meditating, and getting more sleep. When we listen to what our body needs and honour the natural call to rest during this time, we come out the other end feeling restored & refreshed with more energy and balanced hormones. Our Serenity tea is lovely for this phase of the cycle as it contains a nourishing blend of herbs to support the nervous system and optimise restful sleep.


Follicular Phase/ Spring:

This phase of your cycle is when most women feel their best as there is an increase in oestrogen levels, and our physical, sexual, and creative energy starts building to a peak at ovulation. This is the perfect time to start a new project, socialise, network, and increase your exercise to HIIT or cardio as our metabolism is slower and resting cortisol levels are lower. Our Energise tea is perfect for this phase as it will naturally support increased vitality, energy and circulation during this time.


Ovulation/ Summer:

During ovulation, our oestrogen levels peak, libido increases, and it’s when we are most fertile. Most women have lots of energy, feel most confident and productive during this time. This phase is perfect for scheduling your social events, heavier workloads, and longer days, and continuing to include more high-intensity exercises in your workouts. Our Restore blend is lovely during this phase to support the immune system and improve fertility.


Luteal Phase/ Autumn:

This part of your cycle is also known as the ‘pre-menstrual’ phase and is when our energy levels start to decrease, and we start to become more inwardly focused again as our body prepares to bleed. Our appetite increases, and some women may experience PMS symptoms if there are underlying hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, or if you haven’t honoured your physical, emotional, or mental needs properly throughout your cycle. This phase is perfect for slowing down, self-reflection and self-care – whatever that looks like for you. Try journaling, meditation, gentle exercise like yoga or Pilates, and cooking and freezing nourishing meals in preparation for your ‘winter phase’. Our Cleanse tea is excellent during this phase of your cycle. It supports your body’s natural detoxification pathways and helps clear excess hormones and toxins that may be contributing to PMS symptoms.

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