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Article: Herbal Tea Vs Coffee First Thing in the morning


Herbal Tea Vs Coffee First Thing in the morning

We've noticed a growing trend among many of you, opting for a different morning pick-me-up than the traditional coffee. Curious about why? Here are our top reasons to embrace the switch to herbal tea instead!

Herbal teas provide more sustained energy levels

The caffeine content in coffee can spike blood sugar levels which initially can feel like a boost in energy, however it is often followed by a crash. Herbal teas such as Green Tea and Chai Tea can offer support for energy levels without impacting blood sugars. They have a moderate amount of caffeine, plus are rich in antioxidants and other supportive constituents. 

Herbal teas support the stress response

Having coffee first thing in the morning on an empty stomach can elevate cortisol levels, which is a hormone that helps us to manage stress. Elevated levels can influence how well we respond to stress throughout the day and can also lead to feelings of anxiousness and overwhelm. Herbal teas can offer the nervous system a warm hug and actually support cortisol levels, allowing us to adapt better to stress throughout the day. Herbal teas like passionflower, chamomile and withania are all nourishing for the nervous system and can offer us a gentler start to our day. You can find these herbs in our Serenity blend.

Herbal teas support hydration

It’s important to replenish and hydrate first thing in the morning after a long period of fasting while you sleep. The caffeine amount in coffee can have a diuretic effect, which can lead us to passing more urine and becoming dehydrated. It is more beneficial to rehydrate the body with a cup of herbal tea due to the water content and also the added benefits which can support cellular renewal which can be found in teas such as green tea, ginger and nettle. 

Herbal teas support female hormones

Having coffee first thing in the morning on an empty stomach can lead to a spike in our stress hormone cortisol which can in turn influence female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. An imbalance in these two hormones can influence the menstrual cycle potentially leading to irregular cycles, more painful periods and other imbalances. Herbal teas can have a calming effect on the nervous system to decrease cortisol levels, but also support the balance of female sex hormones. Some herbal teas can also provide relief for period pain such as ginger, chamomile and licorice. 

Herbal teas support the balance of PH in the body 

When you wake up in the morning you want to reset your body to ensure you’re consuming fluids that create a healthy PH to be able to support the transport of oxygen to tissues and the general operations of the body. Coffee is naturally acidic which can lead to more inflammation in the body. Herbal teas such as Green Tea and Rooibos are supportive for a healthy PH and can set the body up for the day.

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