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Article: Talking wellness with Kate Dalton, Naturopath and Founder of MAYDE Tea

Talking wellness with Kate Dalton, Naturopath and Founder of MAYDE Tea

Kate Dalton, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Founder of MAYDE Tea was interviewed by BODHI Wellness Spa Retreat. 

Kate is passionate about empowering people, with education and support, to improve quality of life an overall wellbeing. She explains why MAYDE Teas are formulated using only organic herbs, and what blends to drink for a good nights sleep.

What are your suggestions for creating a self-care tea ritual?

Keep your teas on the bench or somewhere easily accessible where you will see them. I designed the beautiful MAYDE jars to be on show in your kitchen! When I wake up I see my tea jars, so automatically boil the kettle and brew a Digest tea. Digest is the most alkaline blend, which helps to counteract the acidity present in our bodies first thing in the morning.

Then, as soon as my kids are in bed at night, I brew up my favourite night time blend Serenity, and have some quiet time. I also make a bottle of cold brew iced tea each night, to drink throughout the next day. Creating these daily habits makes it easy to include the benefits of herbal tea each day.

What are the benefits of a tea ritual?

Creating a tea ritual will not only incorporate herbs into your day, but it will increase your water intake and help you to practise slowing down. For me personally, the practise of mindfully sitting quietly, enjoying a cup of herbal tea is one of the most calming things I can do for my own mental health.

We all love a good night’s sleep. What is the best blend for sleep? What are the key ingredients? When you should you drink it?

Serenity – it has chamomile, passionflower (my favourite herb!), lavender and rose. When I have suffered from insomnia in the past, I would make a pot of this before I went to bed and have a small cup each time I woke throughout the night. It made such a huge difference in being able to drift back off to sleep. These herbs have been found to reduce anxiety and restlessness, therefore make a safe and effective remedy for sleeplessness. It is so gentle, yet effective, that it can become a part of anyone’s wind down routine. It is also a great tea to drink iced throughout the day to help calm the nervous system.

Is there a MAYDE tea blend that supports healthy skin function? How does it do this?

Absolutely! I believe our skin is the window to what is happening inside our bodies, so supporting the gut is key. Our Digest and Cleanse blends are great for supporting digestive function and excreting toxins, therefore encouraging healthy skin.

MAYDE teas are organic – why is it important to choose organic tea over other options?

Choosing organic herbs is non-negotiable for us. Herbicides and pesticides found on conventionally grown herbs are incredibly disruptive to the endocrine system. They are also highly inflammatory. Organic herbs are more vibrant in colour and flavour, and have a higher therapeutic benefit. Apart from the many health benefits, using organic ingredients is also a more sustainable way to produce tea, supporting organic farmers and lessening toxins leaching into our waterways.

What’s the benefits of tea blends rather than single herb teas?

Herbs work synergistically, which means when two or more herbs are combined, their total therapeutic benefit is much higher than the sum of the individual herbs. A great example is Pepper improves the absorption of Turmeric when consumed together. I also aim to access the maximum therapeutic benefits in each product – our Digest blend for example has four herbs that collectively have about 10 therapeutic actions including reducing inflammation, reducing cramping & bloating, and have a high antioxidant status. I wanted to utilise my degree in herbal medicine as much as possible when developing MAYDE Tea formulations.

In these warmer summer months, what are the best MAYDE blends to drink cold with ice?

I have been drinking about 2L of iced tea each day! You can drink any of the herbal blends iced – my favourites are Australian Native, Energise, and Restore.

What MAYDE Teas are safe for pregnancy?

I always recommend for a pregnant person to check with their health professional before introducing anything new into their diet, especially if they have health conditions.

During my pregnancy, I personally enjoyed (and feel these are the safest while pregnant):

  • Digest (digestion support for bloating, indigestion)
  • Serenity (works like magic for pregnancy anxiety/insomnia)
  • Energise (caffeine-free coffee replacement which naturally supports energy production)

What MAYDE Tea blends support you during menopause?

As with any condition, it would depend on what symptoms the individual is experiencing.

  • For irritability/low mood/anxiety: Serenity.
  • For low energy: Energise.
  • For bloating/cramping/sluggish bowels: Digest.
  • For adrenal support and hormone balancing: Adapt.

What is your favourite MAYDE Tea ingredient / herb, and why?

You can probably tell that I’m pretty obsessed with Serenity!

One of the single herbs that has had the most profound impact on my health is Ashwagandha, which is found in our Adapt blend. I found this to be incredible for postnatal depletion, and incorporating it definitely brought my energy and vitality back.

Which MAYDE tea are you drinking now?

Right this very second I am actually drinking an iced Restore! It is super refreshing and I try to drink it at least every few days to support immunity.

 A selection of therapeutic MAYDE Teas are served following spa treatments at BODHI Spa, and are available to purchase at all of our BODHI spa locations.

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