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Article: 5 Simple Ways To Support Your Hormonal Health


5 Simple Ways To Support Your Hormonal Health

As women, our hormones influence every aspect of our lives. From our moods to how energetic we feel, they affect how we digest food, the quality of our sleep and even our performance at the gym. It is integral that we support our hormones in every way that we can for optimal health and wellbeing. Here are five simple adjustments you can make that will have you feeling like your best self every day. 

 1. Love your Liver

The liver is a key organ to consider when talking about hormonal health. Your liver oversees detoxification processes in your body and does this constantly throughout the day. It removes toxins, metabolic wastes, processes nutrients from the food we eat and plays an essential role in the metabolism and removal of sex hormones (i.e. estrogen).

If our liver suffers, our body can accumulate higher levels of hormones than it needs – resulting in hormonal excesses and symptoms of an imbalanced menstrual cycle.

Supporting your liver can be as simple as:

  • Ensuring you are adequately hydrated throughout the day. Aim for a minimum of 2L of water daily. Sipping on herbal tea throughout the day is also a wonderful way to boost your hydration levels.
  •  Increasing your consumption of liver loving veggies and herbs such as turmeric, rocket, broccoli and berries.
  • Drinking herbal tea as the medicinal properties of the herbs are more easily digested in liquid form and work well in supporting liver health through various mechanisms. Our Cleanse tea is full of liver-loving herbs such as nettle, tulsi and dandelion leaf, which support liver detoxification and help the body naturally and gently cleanse itself of toxins. It’s a great one to sip on daily if you are looking to love your liver that little bit more.  

 2. Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Reducing stress is essential when it comes to supporting your hormones. Stress impacts the way that our brain talks to our reproductive system. Therefore, consistently high-stress levels can often result in hormonal imbalances and increased inflammation throughout the body. 

Intentionally participating in stress reduction activities such as meditation, yoga, mindful movement, and journaling results in a reduction in the impact that stress can have on the body, reducing symptoms such as PMS, mood swings, and fatigue.

Our Adapt tea is specifically formulated with adaptogenic herbs to ease stress, so if you are someone who feels like stress is a big part of your life, this tea may be great for you.

3. Movement

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy life, but did you know that the types of exercise that you participate in can be tailored to your menstrual cycle and can help to boost your hormonal health?

A healthy menstrual cycle typically lasts between 28-35 days and is characterised by the ebb and flow of key hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Throughout each cycle, the types of exercise you participate in should change due to the shifts in these hormone levels, as this impacts your energy and strength levels.

For example, in the first half of your cycle (the first 14-18 days), you may find that prioritising weight and cardio-based exercise feels better for your body. Then for the second half, you may feel that more nourishing and low-intensity movement feels better, such as yoga, pilates and walking.

Tailoring your exercise routine to your menstrual cycle is extremely empowering as a woman and will benefit your hormones immensely, so we suggest giving it a try!

4. Nutrition

The foods you eat can either help or hinder your hormonal health. Consuming high amounts of processed, refined and inflammatory foods – particularly in the week or two leading up to your period – can heavily impact your hormones and the levels of inflammation in your body.

By ensuring the foods you eat are nutrient-dense, support your digestive system and liver health, contain adequate amounts of protein and essential fatty acids, you are guaranteeing to support your hormones.

 5. Sleep

The final and extremely important way you can support your hormonal health is by ensuring you are experiencing good quality sleep every night. Sleep is crucial for our hormones because it provides our body with essential hours of rest and recovery and allows our reproductive system to restore and renew itself each night.

If you find it difficult to fall asleep or find that you are often waking through the night, we suggest implementing a sleep hygiene routine – Go offline for 1hr before bed, snuggle up with your favourite book and a cup of our Serenity tea which has been specifically formulated to support the nervous system and prepare the body for deep, restful sleep. See if this simple change can help you boost the quality of your sleep and, therefore, your hormones! 

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