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Article: 5 Ways To Restore Energy As a New Mother


5 Ways To Restore Energy As a New Mother

Low energy is a common concern as a new mother. Your body has undergone some magnificent changes, and your physical and emotional self is calibrating to adjust to your new normal. Here are five simple foundations you can start working on to restore and replenish your energy levels postpartum. 

Practice Sleep Hygiene 

It's no secret that adequate sleep is hard to come by as a new Mumma. However, there are small changes you can make to enhance your sleep quality, depth, and duration. Begin by ensuring you have a dark room without any stimulating devices. Melatonin is our sleep hormone that is secreted in response to darkness. It operates on a circadian rhythm, rising in the morning with light and falling with exposure to darkness. Therefore, a dark environment helps your body prioritize melatonin secretion, and exposure to light resets the circadian rhythm of melatonin. 

Ensuring you have a dark, cosy room can allow you to fall asleep easier and avoiding bright lights on your phone and having dim lighting in your bedroom will prevent further disruption of this rhythm. Herbal tea can also assist your body in winding down for sleep. Our Serenity tea contains a blend of mild sedatives and anxiolytics to support your nervous system and make switching off that little bit simpler.

Support Your Hormone Health 

Postpartum is a period in which our hormones are in disarray and require extra nourishment. Post-birth, we experience a significant drop in our female hormones estrogen and progesterone, which can lead to low moods, sadness, anxiety, and irritability. 

Simple ways to support your hormone health involve ensuring you are getting enough healthy fats into your diet to provide the building blocks for your hormones. Some nourishing healthy fats include avocado, fatty fish, nuts, eggs, chia seeds, and olive oil. Healthy hormones = better vitality and overall energy. For our nursing Mumma's, you can further support your hormone health and nourish your breastmilk supply by weaving our Nursing tea into your new lifestyle routine.

Hydration, Hydration & More Hydration! 

The average person should aim to consume around 3 litres of water per day to ensure optimal hydration levels. However, the nursing Mumma should aim to consume at least 3.3 litres per day. The effects of dehydration are far-reaching, with just a 1-3% fluid loss resulting in impaired energy levels, mood, and cognition. Therefore, drinking enough water is an effortless way to enhance your energy throughout the day. If you find plain water boring or struggle to drink enough, many of our blends can be consumed iced. Our favourites for new Mumma's include Energise, Digest and Hibiscus Lemon Mrytle Iced Tea. Our Iced Tea Bottle is the perfect way to make it easier to remember to drink regularly - we recommend keeping it at your feeding station to stay hydrated while breastfeeding. 


Leaning on your community is integral during new motherhood, as it is a period of time when help and support are much needed. The expectations of being a new Mumma are demanding, and the clock never stops. However, other mothers understand this and can offer empathy, assistance, and care to you throughout this new period of life. Leaning on your community and learning to accept or ask for help is crucial to maintaining your vitality and avoiding burnout by trying to do it all and be it all. Emotional connection is incredibly vital, and asking for help when you need it can free you up to save your resources for those really important tasks and bonding with your new bub.

Meal Preparation

It can be easy to forget to eat as a new Mumma and even more challenging to find the time to actuall1y sit down and enjoy a meal. However, our body needs food to be nourished, and being constantly on the go can often resort to us reaching for quick nutrient-poor snacks that spike our blood sugar resulting in us feeling worse for wear. Meal preparation is a way to prioritize all of your nutritional needs and simplify the overwhelm of having to cook on days when it's all just a little too much. Opt for nourishing, simple, and warming foods to fuel yourself and bub.

Above all, be kind to yourself. Your body is a temple and has just carried, birthed, and is now nourishing a human! This is no simple feat and takes a lot of resources from you. The postpartum period is a time in which you can gradually restore yourself. By integrating some simple changes into your routine, you can enhance your health and vitality and boost your energy to feel your best self.

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