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Article: Meet Brooke - The Founder of Pilates by Brooke

Meet Brooke - The Founder of Pilates by Brooke

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you became so passionate about pilates and wellness?

Growing up I loved dance and figure skating. I did ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop - you name it. Admittedly, I didn’t have much rhythm in the dance department (haha) but I was skilled in figure skating, so I stuck to that for a few years. After my figure skating era, I moved onto team sports - basketball, AFL etc. Similar to my dancing era, team sports were not my strong suit - but at least my family were able to giggle when they came to watch the Sunday games.

After this, I stepped into Martial Arts (Muay Thai). Now, this I LOVED and still do love. I no longer practice but the commitment, dedication, confidence and discipline of the practice is unmatched.

As I grew into a teenager, I explored my more feminine side and began watching a YouTube channel named “Ballet Beautiful” and became OBSESSED with the Matwork Pilates tutorial. After this, Pilates became a huge passion of mine and eventually, my career. Personally, Pilates is a huge component of wellness. For me,  it is the perfect duality of strength and mindfulness.


What inspired you to open your own pilates studio, and how does it align with your personal wellness goals?

I always knew I wanted to make an impact on other people's lives (small or big) but I was not sure how or truthfully, when I was going to have the chance to do this. Running my own business/Pilates studio evolved quite naturally (this is not to say, I haven’t put in the work), I began with a few private clients and with Byron being an incredible community, I was able to grow my business organically. I am chuffed to connect with incredible individuals on a daily basis and give them one hour of “me” time - where they can connect with movement, breath and achieve their own goals within the session. This alone makes me feel like I have won the lottery of life.

For my own personal wellness goals, I strive to not only be physically strong but mentally strong - I am a huge advocate of overall well being. Throughout my week, I put aside time to prioritise my emotional, spiritual and overall mental wellbeing through meditation, journaling and therapy. I find that I have created an environment in my studio space where overall well being is super important which has aligned with my own personal wellness goals.


Can you share some of your moments of wellness that you prioritise each day?

Early sleep, early wakeup, there is something about being awake before the rest of the world that is oh, so tranquil.

Meditation (even if it is just TWO minutes - just breathe).

This may not being direct to “wellness” but I am super conscious of how I connect with other people. I strive to be mindful in conversations and any kind of interaction - this gives me a sense of peace.

Daily movement, this may be a walk, swim, Pilates or something a little more intense.

Limit myself to one coffee a day

Affirmations before bedtime - let’s help our subconscious.

Treat others with kindness and grace (again, not your typical wellness moment but so very important to me).



In what ways do you encourage your pilates clients to prioritise their wellness outside of their studio sessions?

I encourage my clients to practice activities that make them feel good. These activities often fall under the realm of mindfulness - walking, surfing, good sleep, swimming, playing etc. the things that make being human so, so special.


What advice would you give to someone who is looking to incorporate more wellness rituals into their daily routine?

Give yourself some grace. I find we put ourselves under so much pressure to be the ULTIMATE wellness guru, which is great but not when extensive routines actually make your daily routine a chore. Your daily routine should be sacred to you, it should be something you look forward to because YOU love it.

My advice would be to slowly incorporate rituals you feel are enjoyable and something you want to commit to. Show yourself compassion and kindness if you “slip up” and fall out of your daily routine - we all do it. The most challenging but important part is encouraging yourself to come back to the rituals.


How does the concept of mindfulness play a role in your pilates practice and the overall wellness experience you offer?

I find that when we bring ourselves into the present moment - for example, when we are eating, just eat, when we are participating in movement (Pilates), just move. I often give my clients challenging exercises (to their level) to ensure they are focussing on the movement in an attempt to be more mindful. Of course, I cannot control what goes through someone's brain when they are with me (haha) but I do attempt to bring my clients back to the present moment.

What is your current Mayde Tea favourite?

As I write this, I am sipping on the “Digest” Mayde tea - this is definitely my favourite.


What are you currently...

Listening to: I listen to heaps of podcasts and audiobooks. I loved the audiobook, “Manifest” by Roxie Nafousi. I also love Jay Shetty’s podcasts, he has so many good ones. I mix it up every week!

Reading: “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel Van der Kolk.

Watching: I don’t really watch much and when I do watch Netflix or TV, is super basic. The last thing I watched was “She’s the Man” haha. 

Eating: I did a meal prep this week of tofu and a mix of veggies, which I love doing when I have a busy week. I also have been loving making my breakfast the night before. I have been having, Greek yogurt, protein powder and chia seeds mixed all together, topped with peanut butter, blueberries and banana. It is like a chocolate mousse.


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